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Say farewell to your big-time heating tools and overabundance of styling products; one of Spring 2016's biggest hair trends involves natural, loose, and easy hairstyles .This season it's all about natural-looking texture with an organic quality for the upcoming season. Say farewell to your flat iron and overabundance of styling products; one of Spring 2016's biggest hair trends involves natural, loose, and easy hairstyles.

Waved Bob

Whether it's shoulder length or chin length, a wavy bob is a truly versatile look. To get the style,add volumizing mousse to damp hair, allow the hair to air-dry. Then, simply touch up with a curling iron to created loose, understated waves.

Long and Natural

The great thing about a long and natural look, is that it never goes out of season. Plus, it works with just about any texture. To get the style, part the hair in the center and curl the hair with a one-inch barrel iron. Leave the ends out to create an undone effect, and finger-comb to finish for effortless waves. See Jessica Parker

Full Fringe

Summer heat and humidity can cause bangs to behave badly, and that's why Fall is a great time to try fringe. Get the look by cutting blunt bangs that aren't too thick; that way you'll also have the option of sweeping them to the side for a different look.

Loose Knot

Have in-between-styles hair? You need the loose knot, then. "The loose knot really is multi-seasonal and so hip and popular," Just twist hair up into a loose bun, secure with bobby pins, and finish with hairspray. To create more of a carefree vibe, simply leave a few front layers out.

Bombshell Color

"One of the biggest things for color for Fall is warming up your shade," So if you're a cool, light blond shade, I recommend going into something more golden. If you're a brunette, go with something more chocolatey and warm. For redheads, add depth and richness for a cozy effect.

Ombre Color
The hair world borrowed the term 'Ombre' from the french word meaning shaded or shading. Ombre hair color is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends. It is usually achieved using a balayage technique and is ideal for clients looking for a low-maintenance style. Please see the galleries for inspiration.

3 Smart Tools For Styling a Bob

Louise Brooks made wearing bobbed hair look so easy: just flip under the edges, smooth out your bangs, and go. But getting the shape right isn't as simple as it seems, especially if you don't want to spend every morning blow-drying it with a round brush. With a few inexpensive tools, though, you can keep everything in place without frying your hair or spending an hour fixing it up every morning. To see what you should have in your kit, just keep reading.

 • A fine-toothed comb — There's a reason that going over stuff with one of these is synonymous with thoroughness. The tiny teeth line up even small hairs and put everything in the right place, making it the perfect tool for getting your bangs to create the perfect blunt "curtain" shape and smoothing down ends that may have gone akimbo.

 • A hot brush — The perfect flip-under is one of the bob's defining elements, but wetting and blow-drying your hair with a round brush every time you want it to look fresh is a pain. That's when this little beauty comes in. It's just a heated round brush, so twirl your ends under the way you normally would while drying, and you've got a perfectly round under-curl in a couple of minutes.

 • A root volumizer — One of the biggest problems with bob cuts is the dreaded triangle head; tons of volume at the bottom, but none at the top. That's why having something to fluff up your roots is a necessity, especially for refreshing your hair after work and between washes. A good powder-based dry shampoo is one way to handle this, but you can also go with volumizing hair spray.


Which Star Should Keep Her Brand-New Bangs?

Celebrities may be lopping several inches of their hair off to get the trendy tousled bob, but it seems they're also taking those shears to their bangs. In this past week alone, three stars have debuted brand-new fringe: Alexa Chung, Taylor Swift, and Rachel Weisz. It's interesting to note that all opted for wispy versions of the style (bye-bye blunt?), but if you had to choose, which one looks the most banging, who would it be?


Dress Up Your Ponytail in 5 Minutes Flat

Looking for a party-worthy hairstyle that doesn't involve disco-ball accessories or spending so much time fussing with top of your head that your biceps start to cramp? Try moving your usual ponytail or bun down. "Wearing your hair at the nape of the neck looks smart and chic," says hairstylist Andy Lecompte of the Andy Lecompte Salon in Los Angeles. (Bonus: this look is very on trend. Spring runways including Carolina Herrera, Chanel, and Ralph Lauren all featured low-lying hairstyles.) We asked Lecompte for his tips on how to perfect the look. To see how, just keep reading.

Start by slicking hair back with a tiny amount of shine serum or gel; Lecompte likes Wella Pearl Styler gel. "It makes the hair shiny, but not stiff," he says. Then pull your hair back into a low ponytail, using your fingers to create a bit of texture and lift on the sides and top. If you brush the hair back, you risk a look that's too prim and neat. Finally, secure the ponytail with an elastic and tie a short velvet or grosgrain ribbon around it for polish. No bows though—you don't want this to end up cutesy.


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